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Austin Newborn and Baby Photography : Welcome sweet Patrick

April 2nd, 2010

How precious little baby Patrick and his sweet family are!  There is nothing more full of wonder than a little person fresh from the hatch.  I just eat up newborn baby folds, wrinkles and all! Keep on the lookout, you may even see his pictures here in very near future?! gruesbeck studio 10 : austin baby + toddler + child photographergruesbeck_studio_greenegruesbeck_studio_greene2

Austin Baby, Child and Family Photography : Red bright, sugar and spice

January 14th, 2010

What makes for a wonderful session? A warm home filled with spirited and tender children!   Little Max and big sister Lily were just edible photo eye candy, and don’t  you just see what a tender and joyful connection this family has?  Thank you so much for making this happen!  Can’t wait to share with  you the rest of the images.   gruesbeck studio 10 : austin baby + toddler + child photographerdsc_8609dsc_8308dsc_8377dsc_8543dsc_8635

Austin Pregnancy Photography : Awaiting new life

December 1st, 2009

What a fabulous pregnancy session we had with N + A, 39 weeks with baby in the hatch.  Most of all, it was a gift to see a couple so connected and in love, ready to welcome a brand new life in their hearts any minute.  gruesbeck studio 09 : austin baby + toddler + child photographergruesbeck_burgos_pp2b

Austin Baby, Toddler, Child Photography : The Butterfly and Acorn

October 31st, 2009

Little e found a butterfly wing in our wood walk today.  He carried it with care, simulated butterfly flight, and stroked it saying “niiice” and brought it all the way home.

He showed his friend an acorn yesterday, it brought him so much delight to find, name and share a small nature treasure.  I didn’t even realize that he remembered what an acorn was or how to find one.   Although he is still a little young for the exercises in this book, we earnestly love dirt in this photographer’s house.  gruesbeck studio 09 : austin baby + toddler + child photographer


Austin Baby, Toddler Photography : Father and son

October 26th, 2009

“Hello daddy” . . . such sweet words to hear from your little boy.  Simple expressions, full of heart and tenderness.  Adore the connection between little e and dad.   Treasure that we are able to capture it! gruesbeck studio 09 : austin + LA + aspen baby toddler child photographerdsc_9309b

Austin + LA Baby, Toddler and Child Photography : Prince and the Pea

October 25th, 2009

Still catching up with our last few trips, a few snatches from our recent travels to Santa Cruz, though the Central Coast and into LA.  Loved the boardwalk at Santa Cruz, with quite a few attractions from the seaside pleasures of 100 years ago. Further  down the coast, we also detour into sleepy Morro Bay to eat at our favorite local market and organic cafe.  Little e’s maiden voyage out of the high chair, the slipping and sliding phonebooks are THE new booster chair!. With an errant move, he slid right off, but that was part of the whole fun of it.  gruesbeck studio 09 : austin + LA + aspen baby toddler child photographer

Gruesbeck Studio : Austin + LA Baby + Child Photography : Sea wonders

October 13th, 2009

We have just returned from a week in NYC,  which was immediately preceded by our  travels from San Fran, down through Big Sur and down into LA.  Hardly a moment to catch up on proofing, much less care for client work, I still just had to post this image of  little e at the most amazing aquarium.  Fills me with wonder even though I have been quite a few times, but the eyes of a little person seeing it for the first time are a sight to behold.  He hopped on one leg and moaned with glee.  gruesbeck studio 09 : austin + LA + aspen baby photographergruesbeck_studio_101209

Gruesbeck Studio : Austin + LA Family Photography : The Incredinells

September 21st, 2009

We returned after a few months to capture a family portrait of the spirited Incredinells!  Always in motion, the boys kept me on my toes, but sometimes the best portraits are the most unconventional ones.  When was the last time you put on gold lame´ shorts for a family portrait? gruesbeck studio 09 : austin + LA + aspen baby photographer


Gruesbeck Studio : Austin + LA Child Photography : The Magical Session

September 17th, 2009

We have photographed these babies since they are just born,  what a gift to see them after a couple of years.  Playing in the Japanese garden at the woodsy Descanso Gardens made for a magical session.  We strolled through the woods, hid behind trees, and played with sticks. We have some amazing images from the session, here are just a few appetizers.   gruesbeck studio 09 : austin + LA + aspen baby photographergruesbeck_studio_kids_091209dsc_2009dsc_1779dsc_1757

Gruesbeck Studio : LA + Austin Baby + Toddler Photography : The Flying Burrito

September 17th, 2009

What a relaxed and fun photographic session we had with baby Iggi.   What do you get when you combine a curious toddler, figs and a water hose?  A fantastic portrait!  We really enjoyed working with you, and having our session in your warm colorful home, and a chance to meet grandpa!  We look forward to seeing Iggi for our next photographic adventure!  gruesbeck studio 09 : austin + LA + aspen baby photographergruesbeck_studio_toddler_0909